What is the IPT?

The "Insulin Potentation Therapy" (IPT), also called Insulin Potentation Therapy Low Dose (IPTLD), is an exact and well-founded form of therapy, which is being used as a gentle alternative to conventional chemo therapy against cancer, as well as an effective treatment of Lyme disease, autoimmune diseases, rheumatic diseases, as well as viral diseases and in the field of anti-aging medicine.

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Located in Bonn, Martin Lee, a general practitioner with a focus on natural healing, is one of the few doctors who administers the original Insulin Potentation Therapy (Insulin Potentation Therapy Low Dose – IPTLD) in Germany. Martin Lee was personally trained and certified by Dr. Donato Perez Garcia III and continuously participates in Dr. Garcias training courses.

He regularly visits international congresses to engage with interested colleagues and to stay updated on the latest development in both science and practical applications.

He has committed himself to IPT with full conviction, since it is important to him to keep the toxic side effects of drugs as low as possible while at the same time to be able to control and maximize the intended positive, goal-directed effects.

Therefore, the purpose of this website is to clarify the effects and possibilities of IPT for patients and to clearly outline its advantages over conventional medication. The information presented here should of course also provide an initial orientation and show you the manifold of possibilities in the treatment spectrum of IPT.

As to whether IPT is the right treatment for you, this can only be decided after a thorough diagnosis and a personal consultation by an attending physician. Martin Lee can advise and give you more detail in advance by phone.

Dr. Donato Perez Garcia – a visionary

Dr. Donato Perez Garci­a, MD, is considered to be one of the leading IPT experts. Equipped with a wealth of experience, Perez Garcia continues the applied knowledge of the IPT with great commitment as the third generation. Dr. Garcia is a direct student of his father, Donato Perez Garci­a Belli³n, who, in turn, was a scholar of Dr. Donato Perez Garci­a I (1896 – 1971), the inventor of the IPT, in his time. Dr. Garcia runs a general practice focusing on IPT / IPTLD at the Ingeles Hospital in Tijuana, Mexico.



What is cancer? Cancer is a form of malignant tissue regeneration that is one of the greatest medical challenges of our time.

Lyme disease


Lyme disease was first described in 1975 in the US state of Connecticut after an increase in the occurrence of joint inflammation. It is still difficult to diagnose and treat to this day.

Rheumatic Disease

Rheumatischer Formenkreis

Over 400 indications are summarized under the collective term ”rheumatic diseases“.

Autoimmune Disease


An immune deficiency is characterized by a reduced responsiveness of the immune system. An autoimmune disease steers the immune system in a counterproductive direction. The dream of eternal youth and health is as old as humanity itself.

The dream of eternal youth and health is as old as humanity itself.

What is Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging includes all medical measures that delay, stop or, ideally, reverse our aging process. Anti-aging as a holistic approach to treatment leads to more vitality, a better quality of life and a prolonged life expectancy. This applies to women and men alike.

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