The dream of eternal youth and health is as old as humanity itself.

Anti-Aging Medicine and IPT

Anti-aging medicine can slow down or temporarily halt normal aging processes. To achieve long-lasting results, a combination change in diet and lifestyle are often essential. For an effective anti-aging medicine, many diagnostic and therapeutic approaches are available in our practice. Additionally, we cooperate with competent partners.

What is Anti-Aging?

Anti-aging includes all medical measures that delay, stop, or, ideally, reverse our aging process. Anti-aging as a holistic approach to treatment leads to more vitality, a better quality of life and a prolonged life expectancy. This applies to women and men alike.

IPT + Anti-Aging

In conjunction with the IPT, high-dose combinations of antioxidants and essential vitamins are used as an anti-aging treatment in order to protect cells from so-called free radicals. Free radicals are accountable for the oxidation processes and thus, aging of the body. Furthermore, a cleaning protocol for detoxification of the body is performed. In addition, a combination of naturopathic drugs can be given through IPT to improve collagen production in skin, hair and nails. Our anti-aging treatment also covers nutrition, particularly in the form of guidelines and recommendations. Moreover, oxygen, as well as blood laser therapy, can be considered further as a useful complementary medical supplement within an anti-aging program. Also in the scope of anti-aging medicine, IPT is embedded in a holistic treatment concept, known as Holistic Anti-Aging Treatment Concept.

The 7 Columns of Anti-Aging Medicine:

• Diagnosis/Biomarkers
• Deacidification and detoxification
• Compensation for deficits of vital substances and hormones
• Specific anti-aging treatments
• Spiritual balance
• Healthy dieting
• Monitoring and lifestyle adjustments
• Anti-aging medicine will help you achieve the dream of noticeable revitalization and visible rejuvenation.

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